Who am i?

My name is Märta Ballardini, i'm twenty years old and live in Stockholm, Sweden.

I aspire to become a FrontEnd Developer, and i have started the Front End Developer Program at Medieinstitutet.

On my free time i like to hang out with my friends and especially to be with my boyfriend Simon.

I really enjoy doing makeup to entertain my creative side, and i have accumulated a disturbing ammount of makeup as a person that for a long time did not have a full time job.


Todolist NodeJS

Assignment for school. A todolist with authentication, you need to sign in to use the list. You can register users, login as a register user and reset your password via an email link if you forget it. You can also edit, delete and make new todos.

github repo demo

Todolist Vanilla JavaScript

Assignment for school. A todolist where you can make new tasks, check done tasks and delete tasks. It also has a filter feature where you can select to see Standard, Undone, Done, Removed. You can also bring back a removed Task.

github repo demo

Besatt Magazine

A website for besatt magazine. Besatt is a analog paper magazine made by my friends. They needed a website to spread information about where you can buy the magazine and how you can order it from them.

github repo link to the website



Internship Internet Stiftelsen

A paid internship, where i used python for visualization of DNS-data.
Full time

From January 2020 To May 2020

Bartender/Runner Ingmarsö Krog

Worked 50% in the bar and 50% in the dishes, i also helped to go out with food and drinks.
Full time

From June 2020 To August 2020

Store clerk Pressbyrån Slussen

Opened and closed the store by my self, and worked in the register.
Full time

From August 2019 To January 2020


Vocational university Medieinstitutet

Studying the program Front End Developer at Medieinstitutet.

From September 2020 to June 2022

Online Courses Udemy.com

Finished online courses in HTML, css and javascript

May 2020

High School Thorén Innovation School, Stockholm

A High School diploma in information and media technology

From August 2016 To June 2019

Other skills


I won a scholarship for the best Gymnasiearbete at my high school.


I have knowledge in programming languages as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python. I also know jQuery, NodeJS, Git and Agile workflow (Scrum).


I speak fluent Swedish and English, and can also speak some Spanish.


If you would like to contact me, here is my contact information

Email: marta.ballardini@gmail.com

Phone: +46 700 623 959

Goodbye picture of me

Thank u for visiting my website!